Zeallionaire Speakers

The Zeallionaire Mindset™ is the ability to create sustainable wealth with balance, clarity and wisdom. As an advocate for financial literacy, founder Melanie D. Perry has created a proven system of tools & resources to deliver the message of wealth through Zeallionaire Enterprises.

Melanie D. Perry

Financial Literacy

Melanie D. Perry – a no nonsense approach when it comes to liberating people in their finances. Ms. Perry has been empowering others to be financially free since 1999. She believes wealth comes from the effective use of money. Her financial literacy keynotes dig deep into the creating sustainable wealth through knowledge that’s transferable from generation to generation.

Family-Drawing-ZeallionaireCreating a legacy of Zeallionaires

Customized content that builds generational wealth.

Keynotes and Workshops:
  • Connecting your spirit to your wealth.
  • Zeallionaire Mindset Training
  • ABC’s of Wealth and Money for Kids
  • Does your DNA Generate Wealth
  • The Difference Between a Zeallionaire and a Career
  • Dump Debt & Rebuild Credit As You Build Wealth
  • Be, Do, Have: Simple strategies for building the lifestyle you really deserve
  • Dump Debt & Rebuild Credit As You Build Wealth
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