Empowering Minds to Grow Wealth!

Zeallionaire Financial Literacy is a progressive program that empowers school aged youth to adults to make informed decisions about money. We work with organizations seeking to provide their community with a  successful financial literacy program. Our hands-on innovative approach creates a motivating environment for learning. Each customized Zeallionaire experience is tailored to fit all levels of financial knowledge.

Our goal is to empower healthy money habits that align with the fundamental principals of wealth. We accomplish this through customized financial literacy programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and youth camps.

Our clients are those that have the desire serve to educate their communities and empower them to be financially sustainable but lack the capacity to implement. Through the Zeallionaire Financial Literacy, we evaluate each client’s needs provided a customized solution. The Zeallionaire professional experts aim to bring clarity and understanding of basic and advanced financial concepts while addressing emotional intelligence.


Limited becomes Unlimited

Zeallionaire Mindset™ Steps of Financial Literacy:

  • Learn to manage money more effectively
  • Build sustainable wealth
  • Provide a legacy to families and communities

Workshop & Seminars

Our workshops and seminars are designed to engage vibrant discussion and help you make better decisions with your money.. The objective is to not only enlighten, we strive to help people to reveal at least one habit that is not working and replace it with a healthy habit.


Start a conversation - for wealth literacy!